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Item Qty Part Number Description Notes
Lotus 01 2 A132M0189F Lamp, outer, tail. turn, stop/tail, LED Euro
Lotus 01a 2 A132M0196F Lamp, outer, tail. turn, stop/tail, LED, federal USA
Lotus 01a 2 B132M0196F Lamp, outer, tail. turn, stop/tail, LED, federal USA
Lotus 01a 2 C132M0196F Lamp, outer, tail. turn, stop/tail, LED, federal USA
Lotus 02 1 B132M0106F Lamp, rear fog Chrome
Lotus 02a 1 A132M0393S Lamp, rear fog Gloss black
Lotus 03 1 C132M0107F Lamp, reverse Chrome
Lotus 03a 1 A132M0331S Lamp, reverse Gloss black
Lotus 04 1 C132M0108F Lamp, CHMSL B132M0108F R/B
Lotus 05 1 C132M4015F Lamp, side repeater, LH
Lotus 05a 1 C132M4016F Lamp, side repeater, RH
Lotus 06 2 A117M6028F Lamp, license plate
Lotus 07 2 A083M6292F Bulb, 12v 5w, license plate
Lotus 08 2 A132M0069F Bezel, lamp outer
Lotus 08a 2 A132M0244F Bezel, lamp outer, black MY12
Lotus 09 4 A132W3000F Nyloc Nut, M5, flg., lamp to body
Lotus 10 6 A132U6052F Nut, M4, flg., lamp to bumper
Lotus 11 4 A075W5028Z Screw, No. 6 x 0.75", flg. pozi. black, lamp to bumper
Lotus 12 6 A124W3225F Spirenut, No. 6, lamp + finisher to bumper
Lotus 13 2 A132M0138F Reflector, door
Lotus 14 2 A111W7117F Screw, M4 x 12, pan pozi., black, CHMSL to aerofoil
Lotus 15 1 A132M4021F Lamp, side marker front, LH USA
Lotus 15a 1 A132M4022F Lamp, side marker front, RH USA
Lotus 16 1 A132M4023F Lamp, side marker rear, LH USA
Lotus 16a 1 A132M4024F Lamp, side marker rear, RH USA
Lotus 17 1 D132U0400F Finisher, license plate lamps
Lotus 18 2 A075W5012Z Screw, No. 6 x 0.5", flg. pozi. black, finisher to bumper
Lotus 19 8 A121W3185F Nut, self threading, lamp to body USA
Lotus 20 8 A082W4115F Washer M5 x 16.6 x 1.6 Neopren USA