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Item Qty Part Number Description Notes
Lotus 00 1 A912E6759V Permabond A905 Surface Conditioner Water pump to block
Lotus 00a 1 A920E6007V Loctite 509 Water pump to block
Lotus 01 1 B912E9021J Water Pump Assembly (includes hub and stub pipes) Prior engine no. 27334. R/B D912E9274J plus pulley A910E7019F & 4x A075W1035Z
Lotus 01a 1 D912E9274J Water Pump Assembly (includes hub and stub pipes) From engine number 27334
Lotus 03 1 A907E6295F Hub, water pump pulley (plain 23mm o/d spigot) Used with pump B912E9021J
Lotus 03a 1 A910E7018F Hub, water pump pulley (M24 male spigot thread) Used with pump D912E9274J
Lotus 05 1 A911E1431F Elbow Pipe, heater return Use Permabond A131 (A912E7034V)
Lotus 06 1 A910E1909F Stub Pipe, inlet from head front Use Permabond A131 (A912E7034V)
Lotus 10 2 A075W2028Z Bolt, M6 x 30, pump to block
Lotus 12 2 A075W2030Z Bolt, M6 x 40, pump to block
Lotus 13 1 A075W2034Z Bolt, M6 x 55, pump to block
Lotus 14 5 A075W4013Z Washer, flat, M6 x 12, water pump fixings
Lotus 15 1 A912E2017F Hose, inlet manifold to pump
Lotus 16 2 A079K6019F Hose Clip, 32/50
Lotus 17 1 A912E1837F Elbow Hose, cylinder head front to thermol housing
Lotus 18 2 A079K6018F Hose Clip, elbow hose
Lotus 19 1 B912E1829K Thermostat Cover Outlet Elbow
Lotus 20 1 A026E6102Z Gasket, thermostat cover
Lotus 21 2 A075W1039Z Setscrew, M8 x 25, thermostat cover fixing
Lotus 22 2 A075W4020Z Washer, flat, thermostat cover fixing
Lotus 23 1 A912E6739F Thermal Transmitter, temperature gauge Use Permabond A131 (A912E7034V)
Lotus 25 1 A907E6046Z Thermostat, 82°C
Lotus 25a 1 A075K0121F Thermostat, 74°C valid for N.A. - Hot climates