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Item Qty Part Number Description Notes
Lotus 01 1 C117U0040F Instrument Cowling Elise
Lotus 01a 1 A122U0032K Instrument Cowling, grey glove Black stitching - Exige option
Lotus 01b 1 A122V0072S Instrument Cowling, grey glove Beige stitching
Lotus 02 1 C111U0156F Bracket, instrument mounting, RH
Lotus 03 1 C111U0155F Bracket, instrument mounting, LH
Lotus 04 4 A075W3019F Nut, M4 Instrument pack to brackets
Lotus 05 4 A082W4099F Washer, flat, M4 x 9 x 0 8 Instrument pack to brackets
Lotus 06 2 A100A6024F Screw, M6 x 15, hex. hd. Brackets to dash
Lotus 07 1 D121U0030F Instrument Cowling, airbag C121U0030F R/B - Airbag cars, prior to '08 MY
Lotus 07a 1 A121U0181F Instrument Cowling, airbag, senosoft, charcoal Airbag cars, '08 MY on
Lotus 07b 1 A120V0362S Instrument Cowling, airbag, microfibre Black stitching
Lotus 07c 1 A120V0447S Instrument Cowling, airbag, microfibre Beige stitching
Lotus 07d 1 A120V0363S Instrument Cowling, airbag, leather Black stitching
Lotus 07e 1 A120V0446S Instrument Cowling, airbag, leather Beige stitching
Lotus 07f 1 A138V0217F Instrument Cowling,, black paint MY12
Lotus 08 4 A121U0156S Clip, cowling retention Also for FLV panels (five clips total) - Airbag cars