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Item Qty Part Number Description Notes
Lotus 01 1 A120B0384F Rear Bulkhead Trim Panel, speakers
Lotus 01a 1 A138V0613F Rear Bulkhead Aux/HVAC Trim Panel, speakers Gulf States
Lotus 01b 1 B120V0602F Rear Bulkhead Trim Panel, speakers For use with thinner SBAF
Lotus 01c 1 A138V0840F Rear Bulkhead Trim Panel, no speakers
Lotus 02 1 A117U6011F Stowage Net Assembly Includes finisher plugs, Also fitted to battery cover
Lotus 03 5 A082W6512F Pop Rivet, net to panel
Lotus 04 5 A075W4001Z Washer, flat, 1/8" x 0.75", net to panel
Lotus 05 1 A120U0065J Cup Holder Assembly Optional
Lotus 06 2 A075W5132F Screw, M4 x 12, pan pozi., cup holder to chassis Optional
Lotus 07 2 A120U0060F Divider, stowage tray Optional
Lotus 08 6 A100W6391F Plastic Fastener, trim panel fixing
Lotus 09 1 B121U0111F Trim Panel Rear Header
Lotus 10 5 A100W6481F Fixing, trim panel rear header
Lotus 11 1 A120V0240F Stowage Tray Mat Set, RHD
Lotus 11a 1 A120V0241F Stowage Tray Mat Set, LHD
Lotus 11b 1 A120V0541F Stowage Tray Mat Set, LHD, no logo Can be reversed to use for RHD
Lotus 12 2 A111U6034V Edge Finisher Sold in 1m lengths, 1.1m required
Lotus 13 2 A132V6050V Anti Squeak Tape Sold in 1m lengths, 1.8m required